Revitalizing Rotary: A consultant’s view, Part 2

I think there needs to be more separation between RI and TRF, and that TRF returns to the role of serving Rotarians and their Clubs in their service aspirations. To clarify, RI, both leadership and administration, needs to concentrate on Rotarians and Clubs. Let the leadership of TRF do its own marketing.

Reading the initial Siegel+Gale presentation is not the same as hearing it done with more description and clarification. And, I have no way of knowing what led up to and followed this meeting. But I can see that certain concepts from the presentation have made it into Rotary to some degree. In a consulting situation like this, S+G would have tried to understand leadership’s thinking and make certain logical inferences tempered by the real world experience that the firm possesses, arriving at some solutions to the problems that initiated the process. So perhaps certain results were already in progress, and the S+G work just confirmed what was found. Authorship is not my concern at all, but the genesis of Future Vision is. Continue reading “Revitalizing Rotary: A consultant’s view, Part 2”

Revitalizing Rotary: A consultant’s view, Part 1

If declining membership is the issue that is being addressed, it is not surprising that a firm like S+G, which specializes in rebranding, finds that is exactly what the doctor orders. Is better marketing truly a solution to what ails Rotary? Or is it just a cover for poor leadership decisions that have focused resources away from what is now shown as necessary for the health and wellbeing of our movement?

In my posts questioning the impact of PolioPlus on the direction and focus of RI/TRF, I have ascribed what I perceive as a significant change in emphasis at RI to the absolute necessity of completing this project. And while I’m sure this does remain influential, I have learned that there was another event which I believe may be more directly implicated in this shift. And while I accept changing Rotary to accommodate PolioPlus, I am having trouble with the notion of changing Rotary to facilitate a corporate marketing strategy. Continue reading “Revitalizing Rotary: A consultant’s view, Part 1”