The 4-Way Test in the Weapons Debate

And because TRUTH is on their side, all the rest of the 4-Way falls neatly into place for them, again without much thought. The underlying dynamic is “I’m right, you’re wrong, and the rest really doesn’t matter because I’m right.”

In the debate currently taking place on the imposition of the B-16 Code Amendments to Rotary’s Policies on Club events that include weapons, many supporters of the RI Board have cited the 4-Way Test as validation for their position. I find this assumption to be simplistic at best, arrogant at worst. It is clear to me that many such people have not really thought through the 4-Way, and really understand that it is a process used to attempt to find reconciliation in a dispute. Each step requires differing opinions to be expressed, evaluated, and weighed. There is no guarantee that the process will result in accord. Continue reading “The 4-Way Test in the Weapons Debate”

What Is The ROI of RI Dues To You And Your Club?

The scope of the Rotary Movement is broad and long, full of individuality and independence. (Herding cats comes to mind.) Producing and selling a physical product internationally is child’s play in comparison. At heart, Rotary is a philosophy with tangible outcomes. How do you service that?

In a past post to the RI Group on LinkedIn, I provocatively asked the question “If 90% of the RI organization in Evanston went away, would that have an impact on your Club?” I received a fair number of comments, and I was properly schooled on the amount of services that all Clubs get for their dues. I also was reminded that RI responds to individual requests and needs of Districts, Clubs, and Rotarians. So, I can confidently say that 90% would be a problem for probably almost all Clubs. But I remain unsure of what, if any, an actual reduction percentage could/should be. Continue reading “What Is The ROI of RI Dues To You And Your Club?”

Managing Our Club’s Growth

The profit our Club generates is twofold: the external lives we touch; and the satisfaction that creates in our Members. The point is that overseeing “profit-sharing” in our Club is a challenge that must be actively managed, particularly in regard to our new Members.

My Club has been blessed with an incredible growth spurt this year. From 55 Members on July 1, 2016, we are today at 69, with potentially 5 more new Members before June. And we hope to have a 100% retention rate this year. The reason for this progress is simple: leadership paid attention to the numbers and actively encouraged Membership to ask. One result has been a palpable increase in energy at our meetings. While we believe that the mix of friendly and fun fellowship we have prided ourselves on is an attractive invitation, it is our mix of projects and activities that seals the deal. Even the business portion of our meetings is inspiring both new and long-term Members. But, with this growth comes new challenges that must also be actively managed by leadership. Continue reading “Managing Our Club’s Growth”