Attendance Thoughts

My Club’s Board is reviewing our attendance rules to make sure they represent what our Club’s expectation is from a Member. There is a diversity of opinion on how many meetings must be attended and how many service hours must be performed. Engagement is the buzzword that covers both.

When first approached to join my Club, like many, my main hesitation was the attendance requirements. As an owner of a small retail business where I had to be present, it seemed impossible to make a commitment to weekly meetings. My Sponsor was persistent, so I told him I’d give it a try. Pretty soon, it became a highlight of my week and not going was much harder than missing. I didn’t really understand much about Rotary, but I liked the meetings and the people attending them. Luckily, the day I was inducted, I was assigned to the newsletter committee (which thus grew to 2). And it was that role that got me started on understanding what Rotary is. Continue reading “Attendance Thoughts”

Some General Thoughts on the 4-Way Test

What I have experienced in these debates is the assumption that what one believes in the situation is the single, undeniable, inarguable TRUTH, ending any discussion. The irony that this is what the 4-Way Test was created to avoid is never recognized by those who wield the 4-Way as a weapon.

I’ve been involved in several public debates over statements of Rotary’s leadership on such issues as Club events including weapons, and climate change. To my mind, these are political topics that official RI is prohibited from engaging. While I expect that the diversity in the Rotary World would engender much difference of opinion on such topics, as Club Level Rotarians, we are not prohibited from taking a stance and exchanging opinions, sometimes with passion. What I didn’t expect were the number of Rotarians who will cite the 4-Way as some discussion-ending proof of their position and expect the other side to admit defeat and shut up. Continue reading “Some General Thoughts on the 4-Way Test”