Yet Another Example of How Members Don’t Matter To RI

As much as my standards for Customer Service are the basics for me in the retail world, they are bare minimums that should be greatly exceeded in the Membership world of Rotary.

You may have noticed on My Rotary’s New and Features section a headline “Rotary customer service earns certification” dated May, 9. Sounds good, no? If you read the short story, you’ll learn that the “Center of Excellence” certification is from BenchmarkPortal, whose “mission is to provide contact center managers with the tools and information that will help them optimize their efficiency and effectiveness in their customer communications.” This is Customer Service speak for such metrics as hold times, call and email turnaround, and contact satisfaction with these transaction characteristics. None of this indicates whether the Customer (i.e. Member) was satisfied with the results sought by the reason for contact. This does not mean that the Service Center actually HELPED anyone with the problem in a way that pleased them. Continue reading “Yet Another Example of How Members Don’t Matter To RI”

The Rotarian and RI

As a Rotarian, must everyone just accept the direction the Board has set? Where can this discussion be held? Is the COL really an effective body? How can Club Level Rotarians get more representation in setting the course for the future? If some of Rotary wants to go one way, and some do not, why can that not be accommodated under the Rotary umbrella? What should the place be for any individual Member of Rotary within the Rotary World?

One of the reasons I spend as much time as I do posting and commenting on various Rotary matters online is to learn from other Rotarians. One of the great things about publishing in the 21st century is that you don’t need to be an expert to get an audience, just be reasonably proficient in writing and capable of expressing an idea that will attract some interest on the right venue. And, sometimes you get a comment back that makes you realize that there are some things that you have been missing, or that one’s assumption aren’t as valid as thought. Continue reading “The Rotarian and RI”