The Rotary That Used To Be

Caring Rotarians who are seeking to plug the membership hole try to be inventive with their solutions, looking at the world we have today and coming up with ways to make the Rotary they know fit into the culture they see. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to also look to our past, to see how Rotarians then thought of Rotary, and try adapting that conception of a much larger Movement to today’s world.

I came into possession of a hardcovered book first published in 1948: Service Is My Business. The author listed is Rotary International and no other names are evident, though RIP Percy Hodgson and James Watchurst are mentioned as the inspirations on the title page. The volume I have states it is from the 25th printing in 1981. Through its 13th printing in 1967, 270,000 copies were printed. Google Books has a copy available online. Amazon shows a soft covered version as well. Continue reading “The Rotary That Used To Be”