Make Rotarians the Prime Focus of Our Service Projects

It is service work such as this that can inspire the hearts of our existing Members, and the new recruit as well. If we are seen by our communities as a team of professionals taking on the hard stuff, we begin to have a story that not only deserves to be told, but will rally others to join. We need to challenge our Members to fully engage their minds and hearts, and not just rack up volunteer hours in warm body projects.

I don’t know how many Rotarians make New Year resolutions on July First to make Rotary better in some fashion. But as we start a new calendar year, I’d like to suggest a resolution for now. Although all Rotarians should make it, I ask leaders in Clubs and beyond to particularly take this to heart:

I resolve to work to make Rotarians the focus of our service projects. Continue reading “Make Rotarians the Prime Focus of Our Service Projects”

How Do We Make RotaryUS Sustainable?

We are faced with a daunting task if we wish to ensure that the Rotary Movement, the ideals that are at the core of what Rotarians believe in, will be not only be sustainable, but more widely valued then is the current case. We know our product is out-of-step with our culture simply because so many people try it and discard it. We all know what that would mean in our businesses.

From a RI publication, “Global Outlook, A Rotarian’s Guide To Sustainability” we learn two basic underpinnings of this theory. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs is the “classic” definition of sustainable. Environmental, economic, cultural, and social factors are the four broad areas of interest that are considered when one judges the sustainability of something. Using similar guidance from Rotary’s various writings on sustainability, can we begin to find a path to what we need to do in RotaryUS to reverse a decline in Membership that has been in effect since 1994? Continue reading “How Do We Make RotaryUS Sustainable?”