There are several blogs that I monitor regularly, in my weekly role as Club newsletter editor. These thinkers have inspired me to look critically at Rotary on all levels, and to realize how important it is that these Rotarians who want to make our movement stronger have a voice and share opinions. With the epic fail that is My, finding places to view critical thinking on Rotary is not an easy task. I hope that I’ll be able to add more such sites over time because on this blog.

PDG Jim Henry’s Retention Central:   There is so much great stuff on this site! PDG Jim doesn’t mince words, and has a very intelligent view of what we need to do in North America Rotary. I hope RI is following Jim… Since 2010.

PDG Ken Solow’s: Ready, Fire, Aim:    PDG Ken’s site is also chock full of great ideas. Plus, Ken has a fine wit and a love of movie clips. He has a wide-ranging interest in Rotary that offers many insights into many aspects of what we are about.

Quentin Wodon’s: The Rotarian Economist:  Quentin’s site is a serious look at a variety of larger issues in a very in-depth fashion, as the title of his blog would indicate. Not a light read, but impressively intelligent and thorough, on things Rotary that many of us wouldn’t easily understand.

John Borst’s: 5550opinions:   Another site that covers a wide variety of topics, often with great insight (though sometimes going off on a politically inspired tangent). Still, it is always worth a look and a read. John started posting in 2011. This site is connected to his District 5550.

John also has what appears to be a newer site, We the 4:  Named after the 4-Way Test and 4 Objects of Rotary. This is John’s personal site, where I assume he’ll publish his more contentious material in the future.

Mark Huddleston’s: District 9520 Pulse:   Unfortunately, Mark isn’t a regular or frequent columnist, but when he does post something, it is almost invariably worth the read. While I sometimes disagree with him, he is always thought provoking.

James Martin’s: RotaryBlogger:   James slug is: “the good, the bad and the ugly of Rotary International”. He comes from Rotary GBI (Great Britian and Ireland, a step removed from RI), so sometimes the focus is inside local baseball, but otherwise another interesting read. He also isn’t a regular or frequent columnist.

Steve Garrett’s: PDG Steve Garrett:  Steve’s slug is: “Opinions, Motivations, Proddings”. An insightful series since 2012, with a focus on many topics that involve Club, District and more. Steve has 40+ years in Rotary, serving in various capacities, so he has a wealth of experiences to draw from. Started as a traditional written blog, Steve has moved to a video format.

Penny and Chris Offer’s: Great Ideas to Share:  A forum on Zone 24 & 32 website. A variety of authors with their independent focuses. Unfortunately, not a lot of regular updates.

The LinkedIn Official Rotary International Group discussion site:   The biggest and best Rotary discussion site! You’ll find most everything here, from the serious to the fluff, but it has a worldwide audience of Rotarians, so the opinions and viewpoints are diverse if not always on point. But you’ll see a lot of interesting topics with long, mostly well said threads. (This is what My Rotary should aspire to be!)

Greg Krauska’s: Innovate Rotary:   Sadly, Greg has stopped adding new insights to his blog, but the archives are a treasure trove of well thought out pieces on a variety of issues. I have read all his posts, and rarely was not rewarded. I hope he gets back to it soon!

Brent Rosenthal’s: Membership Minute: PDG Brent Rosenthal Membership Minute I don’t know of a blog site for Brent, so you’ll have to google the above link and hunt them down (I believe there’s 9 Minutes), but well worth the effort. There are also some video excerpts of his presentations around. He is well worth reading wherever you find him, for his clear insights into membership in Rotary. It’s a shame he doesn’t do a regular blog (hint, hint!). His voice needs to be more present!