Rotary Student Mentoring Program

Open to students interested in meeting one-on-one with a business professional living their dream career

Barboursville Rotary will assist high school students to meet with a professional in the career field they are interested in pursuing so the students can have their questions answered and get a realistic perspective on the nature of the work and on the best choices they can make to realize their dreams. By utilizing our network of business professionals, we will arrange one-on-one mentoring sessions with the most suitable mentor available, tailored to a particular student’s individual aspirations.


The Rotarian Mentoring Coach will also work with the student to prepare for the mentoring session, so that the student can take full advantage of this personal time with a professional who is eager to provide insights into both the career and the best way to prepare for it while the student is still in school. We also hope that the mentor will form a bond with the student that will allow for future guidance that the student may require.